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Skate School

Schedule Notifications

No Classes held on Thursday 11/25 due to Thanksgiving.

No Classes held on Monday 12/6 (except hockey classes), Thursday 12/9 (except hockey classes), or Saturday 12/11 due the Holiday Show and rehearsals.



This level is specifically designed for beginning skaters age 3-5 and under. Test maneuvers are broken down into smaller parts so they can be easily learned and mastered. Fun – along with easy success and accomplishments – are the keys to any Tot level class.


This beginning level is for skaters 16 and younger. Step-by-step progression of skills makes learning fun, and fast! Teaching the fundamentals of skating, including how to properly fall and get up through basic 1-foot glides.

Alpha - Freestyle

Skaters 16 and younger. Progression through the basic levels of foundational skating skills. Each skater must begin with Alpha (Alpha ➡ Beta ➡ Gamma ➡ Delta ➡ Freestyle) and then work their way up, in order, to the freestyle levels after mastering the required skills at each level.

Pre-Hockey Skating

For the child who is all about hockey but needs to learn how to skate before handling a puck.

Skaters will learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, and other necessary fundamentals to be successful. 

Hockey helmet and gloves recommended.

Hockey 101

Designed to focus on the proper techniques for the game of hockey, teaching future players how to be more proficient and agile on the ice. Sticks and pucks are involved in this class.

Full gear is required.

Jump and Spin

Intro Jump & Spin - For skaters who are currently enrolled in, or are skating at the Alpha - Delta levels, and wish to explore the world of jumps and spins.

Intermediate Jumps & Spins - For skaters who are currently enrolled in, or are skating at the FS1 - FS4 levels, and looking to expand their basic knowledge of jumps and spins.

Advanced Jump and Spins - For the skaters who have progressed through the basic single jumps of figure skating, and are ready to be challenged by doubles, difficult entries, and variations of forward and backward spin positions.

Advanced Spin - Must have working knowledge of basic forward and backward spin positions. Skaters will learn how to achieve different levels, and positive GOE's in the International Judging System ( IJS ). Great class for any USFS competitor.

Adult Classes

Skating classes for skaters 17 and older.

The adult curriculum is designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. Participation in the program will help promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while teaching proper skating techniques. This is an exciting program for people who look to skating as an enjoyable part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Add on Classes

Additional classes available to improve skating skills!

Intro Skating Tricks - ( Alpha - Delta )  Great additional class for skaters who are starting to explore the world of figure skating, while working on their fundamental skills. Learn tips and tricks to "Wow" your friends!

Intro Synchro - ( Gamma - FS3 ) Class based on learning the fundamental skills of a synchronized team skating.

Dynamic Skating - ( Alpha and above ) Add-on class focused on power, edges and stroking. Improve your core skating skills and look like a champion when taking the ice!

Beginning Off-Ice & Conditioning - ( Alpha - FS2 ) Skaters will learn the basics of off-ice training to include areas such as strength and conditioning, flexibility, agility, and balance. The class will also include learning proper jump positions and technique.

Advanced Off-Ice & Conditioning - ( FS3 and above ) For the skaters who have been already using an off-ice routine and are taking their training to the next level. This class will include additional jump drills, work on landing positions, rotational training and basic areas of strength and conditioning.


Fall/Winter 2021

October 25th - December 18th

About Skate School

If your goal is to be an Olympian or just impress your friends at public session, skating school is the place to start! Skate School is for skaters as young as three years old to adults.

  • 8 Week Classes
  • 30 Minute Classes
  • $180 (some prices vary based on class length)
  • Skate Rental Included
  • Most Classes Capped at 15 Skaters
  • No refunds for unused classes

ISI Membership Required


  • Membership in the world’s largest recreational ice skating organization
  • ISI Ice Skating Program – the original learn-to-skate program – tried and true!
  • Accident insurance included with membership fee
  • ISI testing program and national test registration
  • Colorful achievement patches
  • Recreational Ice Skating magazine (delivered to your home rink)
  • Recreational Ice Skating Online digital magazine (
  • The opportunity to participate in local, district and national ISI competitions and shows, including ISI World Recreational Team Championships – the largest annual recreational ice skating event on the planet!

Contact Us

Kymberly Tompkins

Skating Director

Phone: 661-257-2823 Ext.4105

Linda Stroh

Skating Director

Phone: 661-257-2823 Ext.4105