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Thanksgiving Tournament 2022

Schedule Information

2022 Mites Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule




Sat – 11/26  7:30am   A    Bears A2         Vs         Flyers

Sat – 11/26  8:15am   A    Bears B1         Vs         Mariners

Sat – 11/26  9:00am   A    Heat                 Vs         Bears A2

Sat – 11/26  9:45am   B    Flyers               Vs         Jr Ducks B4

Sat – 11/26 10:30am  B    Jr Ducks B1     Vs         Mariners  

Sat – 11/26 11:15am  B    Legends           Vs         Flyers

Sat – 11/26 12:00N     A    Flyers               Vs         Bears B1

Sat – 11/26  12:45pm A    Mariners          Vs         Heat

Sat – 11/26  1:30pm   B    Jr Ducks B4      Vs         Jr Ducks B1

Sat – 11/26  2:15pm   B    Mariners          Vs         Legends


Sun – 11/27  7:30am   B   Flyers                Vs         Jr Ducks B1

Sun – 11/27  8:15am   B   Legends            Vs         Jr Ducks B4

Sun – 11/27  9:00am   B   Mariners           Vs         Flyers

Sun – 11/27  9:45am   A   Bears A2           Vs         Bears B1

Sun – 11/27 10:30am  A   Heat                  Vs         Flyers

Sun – 11/27 11:15am  A   Mariners           Vs         Bears A2

Sun – 11/27 12:00N     B   Jr Ducks B1       Vs         Legends

Sun -  11/27 12:45pm  B   Jr Ducks B4       Vs         Mariners

Sun -  11/27  1:30pm   A   Bears B1            Vs         Heat

Sun – 11/27   2:15pm  A   Flyers                 Vs          Mariners


Sun – 11/27   3:00pm   B                Championship  Game

Sun – 11/27   3:45pm   A                Championship  Game

About The Cube

The Cube is a three ice sheet (NHL, Olympic, & Pond size) facility in the heart of Santa Clarita! Our elevated bleachers offer a great view of the action that can't be beat. We are also home to a fantastic restaurant, The Grille at The Cube, as well as a full service pro shop, USH Pro Shop!

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